Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!!

What a beautiful night we had for halloween in Denver!! I grabbed the coats and pants but no one asked for them. We went Trick or Treating with Paula, Cisco and Kayla. Everyone looked so nice in their customes and I was really surprised that my kids did not want to add blood or guts to their cute outfits. Well...Miyah did wear fangs with her Dora costume. Once again this year Meaghan and Cayla are the true trick or treaters and just wanted to continue to get more candy. Kenzie, Miyah and Ryan were more laid back and wanted to stop after a couple of blocks. Then it was back to Paula and Cisco for a scary movie.

Mackenzie was a fairy.

Miyah was Dora the Explorer (with glow in the dark fangs). Meaghan was the person from the game "Operation". Her pillow popped in the costume so she added a pillow.Micheala was a girl vampire.Ryan was a fire chef.
Marcel was a pumpkin.Paula was the girl from "The Ring".Kenzie, Kayla, Micheala, Meaghan, Miyah and Ryan ready to hit the streets!!!
Cisco and Paula ready to scare the kids.

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