Monday, March 31, 2008

Boys day out!!

Ryan and Corey went with his school for a building project at Lowes. Corey and I as parents are always very active with our children's schools and will do anything that needs to be done to make their education better. With Ryan being in the HeadStart program it has its positive and negatives. The positives are that he can have his therapies at school so we no longer need to have therapist come to our home. It is free of charge to us since he is still in foster care...that is a huge plus. He has a wonderful teacher that really seems to care about him. The negatives are that the director is not a very nice person and we just cannot seem to see eye to eye. Some of the children do not come from a solid home so they teach the other children things that we do not want our son to know. This has caused some additional problems that we have had to deal with at home, but I think that we would need to deal with this to a point regardless of where he goes to school. There are many parents due to unforeseen circumstances that are unable to be involved in their child's school or in their everyday life. Because of this they find it very important to have field trips for the child and a male role model in their life. This person can be a father (which sometimes they are not a part of the child's day to day life), grandfather, uncle or friend. Having a male role model for boys and girls is so important to increase their self esteem and confidence in themselves. There are just some things that a dad can do that mom's cannot. Even though Corey is always there we want Ryan to have that one on one and what a fun project to do.

Long story short the boys had a great day building a little wheel barrel. Ryan was not to comfortable at first because of the noise and with some coaxing from Corey he was able to relax. In the end they had a great time and then finished the trip to Lowes looking at tractors. My boys were in tractor heaven.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Easter (Belated)

Happy Easter (Belated) to everyone. I know that this is late however with Easter and Spring Break falling all in the same week it has been crazy here. We had a nice day having breakfast with Kelly, Tracy, Breanna, Alicia and my dad, we also had dinner with Frank, Donna and Adam. The kids had a nice time looking for their baskets and then playing with all their treats. We also took a break during the day to watch "I am Legend" what a great movie. Meaghan was the target of confetti filled easter eggs which Kenzie was the mastermind behind that idea. Thanks Kenzie we had lots of fun. As everyone can see with the picture below that the sugar high has fallen. I looked over at the kids and they were all together just crashed on the couch.

I just love my family!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy 14th Birthday to my niec"ie" Brookie!!!

Today is my niece Brooke's 14th Birthday!! I just love this girl and she is just like her picture...full of energy!! I love you Brookie and will see you on Saturday.
I love you!
Auntie DeeDee

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tonight the kids colored easter eggs and really had a nice time. It worked out perfect because soccer practice was cancelled for Mackenzie due to snow still being on the ground. They have been asking for days and I just keep putting them off but tonight they were able to color the eggs. Lots of fun!!!

After the eggs were colored they were sitting on the table drying and I heard someone in the kitchen cracking and peeling eggs. After three or four times I decided that I had better check because someone's snack was starting to turn into a meal...hahaha!!! Well when I looked into the kitchen I saw Miyah standing on the chair peeling eggs. I went and got Corey out of his office so that he could see this first hand. We walked into the kitchen armed with the camera and she looked up and said "HI"!! Corey asked her what she was doing and she told us "Cleaning the eggs". How nice of her to think that we wanted the eggs cleaned. Corey told her THANK YOU but, I think that you should stop cleaning the eggs. She simply said OK and continued to crack and peel eggs. She had peeled eggs in the pot, egg yolks in the carton and shells in a nice pile on the table. How funny to think in her mind that she was really doing us a favor!!

Happy 19th Anniversary Mom and George!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

Traditional Irish Blessing and Toast

May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be ever at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
And the rain fall softly on your fields
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of his hand

Happy St. Patrick Day to all of our fellow Irishman. I hope that everyone is wearing their green and enjoying the day.

Spring Fever

I have a serious case of spring fever!!! Soccer has started and the kids have worn shorts a couple of days last week and now we have snow. I know that this is our snowest month and we have been hit with MAJOR storms during this month but I STILL have spring fever. I love when soccer starts in the spring because it means that the warm weather is on it's way!!! Hooray!!
We took the kids to see "Horton hears a Who" yesterday and it was such a cute movie. It is nice that everyone is old enough to sit through a fun movie like that. When I told Miyah what we were going to see, she thought that I was asking her a question and would answer a "horsey". Funny little girl of mine!!!
Stay warm!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Gently Used...

I find it so funny that at such a young age of 2 1/2 Miyah has an opinion of having her own clothes. When I pull something out that she has not seen one of the first thing that she will ask is if they are Cayla's. Today I was changing her clothes because she had an accident and I was getting her dressed and she told me that she wanted her own clothes. I would have never guessed that MY baby would mind hand me downs...I think that she gets this from her daddy. HAHAHAHA!!!! This girl knows what she wants and she is going to let us know.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Boys and their toys!

The other night we were picking up Corey from work and Ryan was so amazed at this tractor because he was actually watching it in action. There was a water line break so they were filling a truck with dirt and Ryan had a front row seat to watch. Corey ended up staying at work so we went home and got our camera. I have always wanted to take pictures of Ryan and a tractor because he is so in love with trains, tractors and cars. With only having one boy in the family I love to see how different he is from the girls. We can be driving down the street and he will spot a train, police car, ambulance, firetruck or tractor a mile away. With the girls we were the ones that always pointed this stuff out and it was always the same response...neat now lets get on with it. Boy not with Ryan he wants us to STOP right now and it does not matter where we are he wants to look and touch it if he can. Tonight he was able to watch this tractor and then go stand by and get in it. He was one happy boy well actually I think both of the boys were happy.