Monday, March 31, 2008

Boys day out!!

Ryan and Corey went with his school for a building project at Lowes. Corey and I as parents are always very active with our children's schools and will do anything that needs to be done to make their education better. With Ryan being in the HeadStart program it has its positive and negatives. The positives are that he can have his therapies at school so we no longer need to have therapist come to our home. It is free of charge to us since he is still in foster care...that is a huge plus. He has a wonderful teacher that really seems to care about him. The negatives are that the director is not a very nice person and we just cannot seem to see eye to eye. Some of the children do not come from a solid home so they teach the other children things that we do not want our son to know. This has caused some additional problems that we have had to deal with at home, but I think that we would need to deal with this to a point regardless of where he goes to school. There are many parents due to unforeseen circumstances that are unable to be involved in their child's school or in their everyday life. Because of this they find it very important to have field trips for the child and a male role model in their life. This person can be a father (which sometimes they are not a part of the child's day to day life), grandfather, uncle or friend. Having a male role model for boys and girls is so important to increase their self esteem and confidence in themselves. There are just some things that a dad can do that mom's cannot. Even though Corey is always there we want Ryan to have that one on one and what a fun project to do.

Long story short the boys had a great day building a little wheel barrel. Ryan was not to comfortable at first because of the noise and with some coaxing from Corey he was able to relax. In the end they had a great time and then finished the trip to Lowes looking at tractors. My boys were in tractor heaven.

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