Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sadie Hawkins

Today was Meaghan's Sadie Hawkins dance. She looked just beautiful all dressed up, they all looked beautiful. The girls all went to Brooke's house to get ready and the guys meet them there later. The kids had Chipolte for dinner. All the parents worked together to pick up dinner, drive the kids to the dance and bring them home. The dance is at the The Denver Mart, this is were Tiffany works and she said that it looked really nice with a real big dance floor. Just as I was leaving I informed Lucas (Meaghan's date) that her dad was a very big guy and I was using my hands to show him. I told him to use his best judgement and keep his hands to himself and treat my daughter well (I also informed Meaghan that she never knows when I will be there to check in and make sure everything is going well.) One of the mom's laughed and said oh yeah he is a big guy...another one of the kids also told Lucas that he saw Meaghan's dad at the wrestling match and he is big. Anyway this explains the picture at the bottom, Meaghan was more than ready for me and my camera to leave.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy 39th Birthday to me!!!

Today was my 39th birthday. I had a wonderful day with my family. Corey and the kids made dinner and Kenzie & I made a cake. Yummy!!! I was surprised to see that my sister wrote on my car that it was my birthday...Thanks!!! Frank and Donna sent me a beautiful flower arrangement that was much appreciated and what a surprise. Mackenzie stayed home with me also, she used her free day on sweet of her. Well one more year until I am 40 and boy do I have mixed emotions on that one. So much can happen in our 40' can move out of our home, they can get married, I can become a grandparent and so much more.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Girls asking boys!!

Pomona is having their Sadie Hawkins dance on the 24th of January and Meaghan likes this boy Lucas Moody and she wanted to ask him in a fun way to the dance. She finally decided on this cute idea...she made him a puzzle. She spent a couple of hours putting it together and then had to cut out the pieces which proved to be harded than originally thought. She had the envelope delivered to him in class on Friday and he told her that it was pretty difficult so the kids in the class helped him put it together. He did say yes and Meaghan is pretty excited. A group of kids are going to the dance together and then afterwards they are going to Denny's for a meal or dessert. She is out today with Breanna looking for a dress to wear. She is having so much fun in school!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Sister!!!!

Sister, I hope that you had a great birthday yesterday. I enjoyed spending a little of the afternoon with you and I hope that you enjoyed your lunch. I hope that you have a wonderful 36th year and it brings lots of joy to you.

Lots of love to you little sister!

Monday, January 12, 2009


We just received the picture that we had taken with some of the cousins at Christmas time. All the kids have just grown so much since last year. I cannot believe that Breanna and Trevor are going to be 18 years old this year. Boy how the time flys!!!

I just love this picture!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Our neighbor's house was on fire

Corey and I had just went to bed last night and I was reading a book when I heard the sirens. I heard them turn off and I assumed that they were where they needed to be. I then started hearing car doors shuting outside and I turned off my lamp and looked out my window. To my surprise there were lots of emergency vehicles outside and they were closing off streets. I woke up Corey and we decided to head outside to see what was happening. We had heard the police talking that everyone was ok and out of the house. I felt so bad for them and would never hope that for anyone. We decided to come back into the house and head to bed because it was pretty late to start with and it was getting really cold outside. Once we were back in the house I told Corey that I think we should wake up Ryan, I just knew that he would love to see all the fire trucks, ambulances and police cars with their lights on. I know that this was a terrible thing that happened however I really wanted Ryan to see the hoses hooked up with the water coming out and just to see everything. He did like looking at the trucks however he was tired and went back to bed after 15 minutes.
I am not sure how much damage was done to the inside of the house however the family was able to return back home that same night. The fire department did put a big hole in the side of their house and now it is covered with black plastic.