Saturday, January 17, 2009

Girls asking boys!!

Pomona is having their Sadie Hawkins dance on the 24th of January and Meaghan likes this boy Lucas Moody and she wanted to ask him in a fun way to the dance. She finally decided on this cute idea...she made him a puzzle. She spent a couple of hours putting it together and then had to cut out the pieces which proved to be harded than originally thought. She had the envelope delivered to him in class on Friday and he told her that it was pretty difficult so the kids in the class helped him put it together. He did say yes and Meaghan is pretty excited. A group of kids are going to the dance together and then afterwards they are going to Denny's for a meal or dessert. She is out today with Breanna looking for a dress to wear. She is having so much fun in school!!!

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Grandma said...

Such a cute idea!! Have fun at the dance Meg!
Love you,