Sunday, August 31, 2008

Meaghan made the team!

Meaghan made the volleyball team for her high school. There were lots of girls that came to tryouts and 12 of them were cut from the team. She made the team and is in the starting line as a setter. They work hard and very long hours 6 days a week. I take her to school in the morning around 6:45 am and we pick her up around 7:00pm (Game days she will not be home until 9:00pm or later). She is handling everything very well considering how tired she is. They ran as a team in a 5K run for the school (Meg's first 5K) a couple of weeks ago and it was very rainy and cold. One of the girls fell behind and the entire team had to run back to find her and run back in as a team, after that they had to run the track. I suppose the leason was one for all and all for one, most importantly nobody is left behind. The coach layed down the rules and I think that she ROCKS!! She covered everything from school work, boys, drinking/drugs, boys, dress code, boys and everything in between, the coach said that they must follow the rules for the county in regards to sports, but they follow the coachs rules instead because they are much tougher. The coach also said that one of the girls has been let go on the team because she was seen at a drinking party and it was reported back to the school, not only did she loss her spot on the team but she is not allowed to play team sports for the school for 12 months. They were told that they are a playing team until November and a family team until June and they will not disrespect themselves, their teammates or their school. They will represent the volleyball team all year as a team. It is recommended that Freshman take a study hall during the day to stay caught up on all their classroom work, the 9th and 10th grade volleyball players also have a required studyhall afterschool on Monday and Wednesday (heavest homework days) so that they do not fall behind. They found out the hard way last week that when the teachers report to the coach on grades and missing assignments the entire teams pays the price for missing work or low grades. They have a team dinner hosted by the parents every week, they had their first one last week and it looks like they had fun.

Here's to a great season for Megi and know how proud we are of you!!

Go Lions!!

Yesterday we went to Addison's football game and what fun we had. I always enjoy watching the kids do what they enjoy, it is a fun time to see them interact with other people and it gives you a great insight on the type of person they really are. This year Addison is the quarterback for his team and it looks like he is enjoying it. It was very hot outside and the bees were everywhere...this is where Miyah was last weekend and I am wondering if she did not get bite by a bee. One of the mom's on Addison's team went to school with Corey and I, so it is fun to see her again. She is still friends with one of Corey's long time friends so she was able to get her the phone and Corey spoke with her briefly. It was a fun day...Go Lions!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary Corey!!

Today, Corey and I have been married for 17 years!!! WOW...where does the time go? We have been through many ups and downs, had babies, lost a parent, had fights and made up. I am happy to be sharing all of this with you and would not want to be anywhere else. You are my best friend and I am glad that you are there for me to share my life with. I love you and look forward to sharing the future with you...whatever that may take us.
I love you!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Miyah is back to normal!!!

The picture above was from yesterday and the below picture is from today!!!
Yesterday Miyah woke up and looked worse than the day before however, by the end of the day her swelling really started going down. Today she looks like her normal little self, she is still a little swollen around her nose but she looks 120% better. I really need to remember to spray all the kids with bug spray when we are outside. I have heard and seen that the mosquitos are worse this year than in the years past.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Can you believe this crap....

I was driving home from dropping off the girls at school this morning and this is what I saw on the side of the hills. I was so sad to see that someone would do this to prove their point. I think that it was cloth that spelled out the words so nothing was damaged. Cayla even heard about it at school and was telling me what she learned. This has been a crazy week here in Denver and it is not even half way over.
**Mom, this is about the abortion debate, here is an article about the protesters that put this up.

Monday, August 25, 2008

They say it was a bug bite!?!?!?!

The doctor says that my littlest bug has been bitten by a bug. She was at the park with her Auntie Peanut on Saturday and Peanut noticed a red spot on her forehead, when I picked her up I could see the spot from across the room. Sunday morning Miyah was bending over and fell right over and hit her head on the floor/heater vent. By Sunday night her forehead was starting to swell, Monday morning her nose was swollen and her face was starting to turn red (that is a juice mustage by her lips but you can see how the redness in moving across her face). I took her to the doctor this morning and Dr. R. said that he "believes" that it is a mosquito bite (several bites). We need to watch her for the next day or two if she does not get better or if it gets worse we need to let him know. He even gave me a "special" phone number to call his office...I laughed because I told him that the ladies in the office will not be happy about this. Just kidding...if this was my first child then I would be calling them every time Meaghan coughed. Miyah needs to look like she has been in a punching match before she gets a little doctor attention.
I will keep everyone updated on my little bug eyed baby girl!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Go Colorado Edge Girls Select Team!!!!

We have been busy the last four days with Kenzie's first tournament on her new team. They did well overall, second place in their bracket and third place in the division. It was alot of fun to watch how different the girls play. Kenzie did well using her body to defend herself and her ball. We have had all sorts of weather from rain to blistering hot days, we are all sun burned today...not good!!!! Kenzie enjoyed wearing her new uniform...everyone from the club knows when you play on a competitive team from your uniform...I think it is their bragging rights :) (OK, I am bragging for her). We have another tournament this week and I am glad that it is much closer to home. I took lots of pictures...of course...and a video (this time I kept the camera in the right direction). Oh yeah, she wanted to make sure that EVERYONE knows that she is number 14!

Here is a little video of Kenzie!!

This is how the kids pass their time on the field. Of course, the shirts must come off for Ryan and Miyah...I ALWAYS have to remind them that their pants MUST stay on!!!! Believe me, it is just that way...pick and choose your battles...does it hurt anyone that their shirts are Ryan and Miyah were pretending that they were a train and skutting (sp) down the hill.

I hope that everyone has a great week!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I created this neat Wordle on, however I just cannot make it bigger. If you click on it you can see a bigger version. It is alot of fun and you should try it!!!

Have a great day!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Tag your it!!!

A~B~C's Tag

A~attached or single~ attached
B~best friend~ Corey
C~cake or pie~ Cake
D~day of choice~ Sunday
E~essential item~toothbrush
F~favorite color~ purple
G~gummi bears or worms~ both
H~hometown~Arvada, CO
I~indulgences~ New books
J~january or july~ January...of course
K~kids~ 5 (4 girls and 1 boy)
L~life in incomplete without~ my family
M~marriage date~ Aug 30,1991
N~number of siblings~ 1 sister
O~oranges or apples~ oranges
P~phobias or fears~ drowning
Q~quotes~ Nobody said that life was meant to be fair! Unknown
R~reason to smile~ Because I woke up this morning
S~season~ Fall
T~tag three~ Mom, Tiffany and Aunt Debbie
U~unknown fact about me~ I suffer from anxiety, however if you ask Meaghan she will say I am bipolar.
V~vegetarian or meat eater~ meat eater...remember the cow kitchen
W~worst habit~ complaining
X~ x-rays or ultrasounds~ ultrasounds
Y~your favorite food~ Chinese and Mexican
Z~zodiac sign~ Aquarius

Happy 17th Birthday Breanna!!!

Happy Birthday Breanna!! I hope that you have a great day celebrating being 17 years old!! You have turned into such a beautiful young lady and I have enjoyed watching you grow up.
I love you,
Aunt De Anne