Monday, August 25, 2008

They say it was a bug bite!?!?!?!

The doctor says that my littlest bug has been bitten by a bug. She was at the park with her Auntie Peanut on Saturday and Peanut noticed a red spot on her forehead, when I picked her up I could see the spot from across the room. Sunday morning Miyah was bending over and fell right over and hit her head on the floor/heater vent. By Sunday night her forehead was starting to swell, Monday morning her nose was swollen and her face was starting to turn red (that is a juice mustage by her lips but you can see how the redness in moving across her face). I took her to the doctor this morning and Dr. R. said that he "believes" that it is a mosquito bite (several bites). We need to watch her for the next day or two if she does not get better or if it gets worse we need to let him know. He even gave me a "special" phone number to call his office...I laughed because I told him that the ladies in the office will not be happy about this. Just kidding...if this was my first child then I would be calling them every time Meaghan coughed. Miyah needs to look like she has been in a punching match before she gets a little doctor attention.
I will keep everyone updated on my little bug eyed baby girl!!!

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Grandma said...

Oh poor baby girl! Her little face is so swollen! I hope her evening was more swelling!
Hugs and Kisses to you Miyah.