Sunday, August 10, 2008

Go Colorado Edge Girls Select Team!!!!

We have been busy the last four days with Kenzie's first tournament on her new team. They did well overall, second place in their bracket and third place in the division. It was alot of fun to watch how different the girls play. Kenzie did well using her body to defend herself and her ball. We have had all sorts of weather from rain to blistering hot days, we are all sun burned today...not good!!!! Kenzie enjoyed wearing her new uniform...everyone from the club knows when you play on a competitive team from your uniform...I think it is their bragging rights :) (OK, I am bragging for her). We have another tournament this week and I am glad that it is much closer to home. I took lots of pictures...of course...and a video (this time I kept the camera in the right direction). Oh yeah, she wanted to make sure that EVERYONE knows that she is number 14!

Here is a little video of Kenzie!!

This is how the kids pass their time on the field. Of course, the shirts must come off for Ryan and Miyah...I ALWAYS have to remind them that their pants MUST stay on!!!! Believe me, it is just that way...pick and choose your battles...does it hurt anyone that their shirts are Ryan and Miyah were pretending that they were a train and skutting (sp) down the hill.

I hope that everyone has a great week!!!

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