Monday, August 4, 2008

Tag your it!!!

A~B~C's Tag

A~attached or single~ attached
B~best friend~ Corey
C~cake or pie~ Cake
D~day of choice~ Sunday
E~essential item~toothbrush
F~favorite color~ purple
G~gummi bears or worms~ both
H~hometown~Arvada, CO
I~indulgences~ New books
J~january or july~ January...of course
K~kids~ 5 (4 girls and 1 boy)
L~life in incomplete without~ my family
M~marriage date~ Aug 30,1991
N~number of siblings~ 1 sister
O~oranges or apples~ oranges
P~phobias or fears~ drowning
Q~quotes~ Nobody said that life was meant to be fair! Unknown
R~reason to smile~ Because I woke up this morning
S~season~ Fall
T~tag three~ Mom, Tiffany and Aunt Debbie
U~unknown fact about me~ I suffer from anxiety, however if you ask Meaghan she will say I am bipolar.
V~vegetarian or meat eater~ meat eater...remember the cow kitchen
W~worst habit~ complaining
X~ x-rays or ultrasounds~ ultrasounds
Y~your favorite food~ Chinese and Mexican
Z~zodiac sign~ Aquarius

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Mom said...

I'll do this today Daughter!!