Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1 - 6/365 Pictures

1/365 Today I "started" the process of returning back to school. It has been many years since I have been in school and have talked about going back once Miyah was older. Now that she is getting older I am going back to become a nurse. How exciting and a little scary, I do not remember college being so expensive, maybe that was because Merrill Lynch always paid for my classes. Yeah me!!!
2/365 Today we took all the Christmas decorations down. I am not a huge fan of Christmas however I love the Christmas tree because of all the personal decorations and that it tells a story about my family. We no longer have generic decorations that go on the tree, they are all decorations that have a story behind them.

3/365 Corey and I, took Ryan and Miyah to see the movie "Cloudy with the chance of meatballs". Have to say that it was not one of my favorites, I was actually falling asleep during the movie and the kids were asking to go home.

4/365 Cayla in the middle of making herself beautiful. Maybe I should show her how to pluck her eyebrows before she takes them all off. I love this girl!

5/365 New technology for me...the internet on my simple little phone. How fun!

6/365 I shoveled our house and three of the neighbor's houses. What great exercise that was!! It is VERY cold here in Colorado today and I did not think that we were to get more than a trace of snow. After all that work it did not even look liked I shoveled at all.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Head concussions and broken bones

What a week we have had at the Barker's. Meaghan had come with me to pick up Kenzie and Cayla and she hopped out of the car to go and see some of her friends from Excel. This boy decided that he was going to start kicking his foot over the kids head. Well, he came up to Meaghan and tried to kick his foot over her, she moved because she did not want him to kick her and he ended up kicking her right in the side of the head. She started getting a pretty bad headache and called me from school the next day because she did not feel well and her head hurt. I took her to the doctor and she said that Meaghan had a concussion. I think that Meaghan was a little embarrassed because I called the boys family, I was not trying to get him in trouble I just wanted them to explain to him that he cannot kick people because someone can get hurt.

Later during the week Kenzie had a tournament and played the first game and the next day during the game she ended up hurting her knee. She was running with the ball and I am pretty darn sure that she would have ended up with a goal. Anyway, she said that she felt that the ball was going a little to fast for her to control it. Next thing I knew the ball had knocked her right on her back, she immediately grabbed her knee and started crying (very loudly). We drove her to Children's Hospital and they examined her knee and said that she sprained it and sent us home. A couple of hours later a doctor from Children's called us and asked us to bring her back in because she broke her knee. I was a little upset because why did they let us go home (Children's is so far since they moved) and doesn't anyone review the films? We explained that she was finally resting and that we would be very close to them in the morning. The doctor said since she was resting it was fine to bring her in the morning. She had an knee immobilizer put on her knee and needs to see the orthopedic doctor next week.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Excel Academy closes for H1N1 flu!!

Well...we are just finishing Spring Break and received a call from the school stating that they are closing at least for one full week due to a confirmed case of H1N1 Flu. I think that one of the kids that just came back from New York City or California on a field study may have been sick. Well the kids are thrilled and we will see how this works doing school work from the internet. The girls think that it is pretty cool that their school is all over the TV and newspapers. Our school is the first school in Colorado to be shut down. I hope that all the children and families that have been exposed to the flu have a fast recovery.

We have just heard more news on the flu. It was one of the kids that was traveling to New York City and he was sick in New York during his stay. It is a mild case of the flu however all the other children have been exposed so now the Health Department is waiting to see if there are more confirmed cases, if there are then the school will be closed for a longer period of time. We also found out that the boy is one of the cousins of Mackenzie's soccer team mates. We have been doing all of our school work via the internet and it is working out so far. The only thing that I have to say is I would NEVER be able to home school my kids. I am not that structured. I have spoke to another parent who also has a middle school child and she said that their teachers have sent so much work that her other kids have not been able to do their work.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meg's Volleyball team takes 2nd place!!!

Meaghan's volleyball team ended up taking second place in their last tournament. It was a fun season and Megi learned lots of things. She made some great friends and had the best time. These girls spent lots of nights and entire Sundays together, they would laugh, play games, dance and practice hard!! Now she will know lots of girls at other schools when she plays against them during school. I am very proud of you MiMi. I love you and now go set and spike that ball.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy 15th Birthday Meaghan!!!!!

Today Meaghan turned 15 years old!!! There is to a new and wonderful year and to all the new things that will be coming your way. Love you daughter!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryan!!!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Ryan Jayden!
Happy Birthday to you!

Oh my goodness Ryan you are 5 years old. Where in the world did the time go little boy? I hope that you have a wonderful day and enjoy your new bike. We spent the day at the Children's Museum with your class for a field trip. You enjoyed playing in the fire truck and building a bird house, I could not believe that it won over the trains. You sure do enjoy your friends at school and what a great way to spend your birthday.
Love you,
Mom may I help you!

Tonight we were at Walmart buying Ryan's birthday present and Mackenzie wanted these tasty sugar cookies. When we got home Kenzie opened up the package and we had cookies. Within a few minutes Kenzie was screaming that her throat was on fire. I could not get her to calm down and she was having a hard time breathing. We ended up calling 911 and they loaded her up and took her to Avista for treatment. Kenzie ended up having an allergic reaction to something in the cookies. Well I was the fortunate one to drive to the hospital and was able to take pictures. Hehehe...Kenzie was NOT happy about that but oh well. I told her that she was lucky that I did not take pictures here in the house when the emergency workers were here. They loaded Kenzie up with lots of drugs and once everything started working like it should they sent her on her way.