Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1 - 6/365 Pictures

1/365 Today I "started" the process of returning back to school. It has been many years since I have been in school and have talked about going back once Miyah was older. Now that she is getting older I am going back to become a nurse. How exciting and a little scary, I do not remember college being so expensive, maybe that was because Merrill Lynch always paid for my classes. Yeah me!!!
2/365 Today we took all the Christmas decorations down. I am not a huge fan of Christmas however I love the Christmas tree because of all the personal decorations and that it tells a story about my family. We no longer have generic decorations that go on the tree, they are all decorations that have a story behind them.

3/365 Corey and I, took Ryan and Miyah to see the movie "Cloudy with the chance of meatballs". Have to say that it was not one of my favorites, I was actually falling asleep during the movie and the kids were asking to go home.

4/365 Cayla in the middle of making herself beautiful. Maybe I should show her how to pluck her eyebrows before she takes them all off. I love this girl!

5/365 New technology for me...the internet on my simple little phone. How fun!

6/365 I shoveled our house and three of the neighbor's houses. What great exercise that was!! It is VERY cold here in Colorado today and I did not think that we were to get more than a trace of snow. After all that work it did not even look liked I shoveled at all.

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Mom said...

Hi daughter...I'm waiting for 1-7,1-8, and 1-9! I love all of your pis so far...especially 1-6...great pic!
Love you,