Sunday, May 3, 2009

Excel Academy closes for H1N1 flu!!

Well...we are just finishing Spring Break and received a call from the school stating that they are closing at least for one full week due to a confirmed case of H1N1 Flu. I think that one of the kids that just came back from New York City or California on a field study may have been sick. Well the kids are thrilled and we will see how this works doing school work from the internet. The girls think that it is pretty cool that their school is all over the TV and newspapers. Our school is the first school in Colorado to be shut down. I hope that all the children and families that have been exposed to the flu have a fast recovery.

We have just heard more news on the flu. It was one of the kids that was traveling to New York City and he was sick in New York during his stay. It is a mild case of the flu however all the other children have been exposed so now the Health Department is waiting to see if there are more confirmed cases, if there are then the school will be closed for a longer period of time. We also found out that the boy is one of the cousins of Mackenzie's soccer team mates. We have been doing all of our school work via the internet and it is working out so far. The only thing that I have to say is I would NEVER be able to home school my kids. I am not that structured. I have spoke to another parent who also has a middle school child and she said that their teachers have sent so much work that her other kids have not been able to do their work.

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