Sunday, August 31, 2008

Go Lions!!

Yesterday we went to Addison's football game and what fun we had. I always enjoy watching the kids do what they enjoy, it is a fun time to see them interact with other people and it gives you a great insight on the type of person they really are. This year Addison is the quarterback for his team and it looks like he is enjoying it. It was very hot outside and the bees were everywhere...this is where Miyah was last weekend and I am wondering if she did not get bite by a bee. One of the mom's on Addison's team went to school with Corey and I, so it is fun to see her again. She is still friends with one of Corey's long time friends so she was able to get her the phone and Corey spoke with her briefly. It was a fun day...Go Lions!!

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Mom said...

Love all of the pics!! Looks like the game was FUN! All the grands are growing like flowers! Is it just me or can you see a lot of McCrarey in Addison...the gene pool is soooo amazing!