Sunday, March 2, 2008

Boys and their toys!

The other night we were picking up Corey from work and Ryan was so amazed at this tractor because he was actually watching it in action. There was a water line break so they were filling a truck with dirt and Ryan had a front row seat to watch. Corey ended up staying at work so we went home and got our camera. I have always wanted to take pictures of Ryan and a tractor because he is so in love with trains, tractors and cars. With only having one boy in the family I love to see how different he is from the girls. We can be driving down the street and he will spot a train, police car, ambulance, firetruck or tractor a mile away. With the girls we were the ones that always pointed this stuff out and it was always the same response...neat now lets get on with it. Boy not with Ryan he wants us to STOP right now and it does not matter where we are he wants to look and touch it if he can. Tonight he was able to watch this tractor and then go stand by and get in it. He was one happy boy well actually I think both of the boys were happy.

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