Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This is why a Mom should not take a nap....

I have not been feeling very well today so I knew if I laid down on the couch I would fall asleep. That was what happened...I laid down and I was listening to the Story of Anne Frank on CD with Mackenzie and I ended up falling asleep. When I woke up the entire house was very quite and I opened my eyes and I saw Miyah sitting on the big couch and she was covered with chocolate!!! She was VERY much concentrating on smearing this chocolate cookie on her face. When she looked up she told me "Go sleeping Mama!!" and I closed my eyes and watched her through the slits of my eyes instead. She was taking this cookie and rubbing it between her hands and then rubbing her hands and fingers all over her face!!! I could only image that her hands were nice and warm and that was melting the chocolate. I just could not control myself and started laughing and then she started giggling. It was very funny!!! At least in the end she was the one who got up first and got the dish towel and started cleaning her face.

Oh yeah...everyone was home but the girls were in their room, Corey was upstairs taking a shower and Ryan was sitting on our bed watching TV.

I love you Miyah Tomai!!!!!!

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