Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tonight the kids colored easter eggs and really had a nice time. It worked out perfect because soccer practice was cancelled for Mackenzie due to snow still being on the ground. They have been asking for days and I just keep putting them off but tonight they were able to color the eggs. Lots of fun!!!

After the eggs were colored they were sitting on the table drying and I heard someone in the kitchen cracking and peeling eggs. After three or four times I decided that I had better check because someone's snack was starting to turn into a meal...hahaha!!! Well when I looked into the kitchen I saw Miyah standing on the chair peeling eggs. I went and got Corey out of his office so that he could see this first hand. We walked into the kitchen armed with the camera and she looked up and said "HI"!! Corey asked her what she was doing and she told us "Cleaning the eggs". How nice of her to think that we wanted the eggs cleaned. Corey told her THANK YOU but, I think that you should stop cleaning the eggs. She simply said OK and continued to crack and peel eggs. She had peeled eggs in the pot, egg yolks in the carton and shells in a nice pile on the table. How funny to think in her mind that she was really doing us a favor!!

Happy 19th Anniversary Mom and George!!

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