Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shhh...Don't tell Kenzie!!

Earlier Miyah came in with Kenzie's shin guards, stinky socks and shoes on. A little while later I saw her sitting on the hope chest with Kenzie's bag, one of her soccer shirts, jacket and ball. Miyah wants to play soccer and will ask the girls to go outside with her to play soccer. The unfortunate thing for Miyah is her mom and dad have no more time to allow her to play soccer. We may need to figure something out because she is old enough to play and she has that natural love for soccer like Kenzie did. Miyah is always walking around just kicking the ball with her. Miyah just came by and saw the pictures, she said that "Kenzie will be mad and will say No sissy. Tell sissy NO mama." There you go...Kenzie, Miyah is NOT hurting your soccer stuff...PLEASE do not put your stinky socks back in your bag!!!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures of Miyah in July playing with Kenzie.

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Mom said...

Oh Dee she is such a cutie pie!