Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another day in the life of Miyah Tomai!!!

Oh golly, I think that Miyah will always make my life interesting!!!! Today we were sitting in the car waiting for Corey and Miyah was sitting with Kenzie getting ponytails put into her hair. Kenzie started telling Miyah to hold still and she then tells me that there is something in Miyah's ear and it looks like the back to an earring and maybe it was starting to look green. I was having a hard time seeing it so we waiting until we were all home and then I could get a better look at it. Well she did have a silver earring back in her ear and it looked like it was pushed back further from the first time I was trying to look at it. Since I THINK that I am a doctor I thought I would try to remove it at home. The first time I tried to take it out I actually pushed it in further...ok now my heart started racing a little faster. I was going to try one more time and if it did not look like I was going to be able to even come close to removing it I would just take her to the doctor. As the luck of the Irish would have it, I was able to get a good hold of it and it came right out, the earring back was starting to have green stuff grow on it...gross...ok so the next question would be how long has it been since I have cleaned Miyah's ears? That is what scares me the most because I do clean her ears after every bath (ok NOT every bath) and I keep thinking that maybe it has been there for a while and I did just keep pushing it in. I really do not look in her ear when I clean it, I just run the q-tip through the outside and just in the opening of her ear. They never covered this in medical school so I may need to do some research to make sure that her ear is ok. After everything was removed from the ear she informed us that there was another one on the other ear. We did not see anything which at this point does not surprise me so I may need to take her in to have her ear checked.
I have to say that Miyah enjoys putting things where they do not belong...we have found a pea and toilet paper stuff in her nose on two different occasions. Tonight we told her that just because there is a hole in her body it does not mean that it is meant to hold things.


Grandma said...

Oh Miyah your earrings look so pretty!!
Love you,

Trish said...

Your sister....

Sister, what in the world were you doing hanging out in the car waiting for you husband? With your your kids none the less....um, sounds like some of the story was left out. Hahahehe