Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night

We are watching the numbers tonight to find out who our next president will be. This election has caused lots of different emotions between all of us. My family has an opinion on who we want for president just like everyone else. We had a super long ballot in Colorado this time and it was very time consuming. Corey and both choose to have mail in ballots to get our votes in early...well if you know Corey or I very well than it will be no surprise to know that we waiting until the very last minute to turn it in. We have been listening to the kids talk about the election and they all have their own views and they seem to be making their own decisions on who should be president. I have found it very interesting to listen to Cayla because she has really been paying attention to details of the two parties. The schools have their own elections and the kids even had to register to vote. Such an educational tool and creates a great source of conversation even amoung the little people. Well I hope that the best man wins and the God is looking over our nation as a whole tonight.

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