Sunday, November 16, 2008

Things that happen when we are sleeping....

We have been struggling alot with Ryan's issues over the last couple of weeks and I am just not seeing any light in any direction that we turn. To top it all off we have Miyah that likes to act just like Ryan (the good and the bad). Here is a good story that I know we will not want to forgot...sorry no pictures...Corey was not very happy to be thinking about picture taking.

Corey was woken up by Cayla that he needed to come downstairs because Ryan and Miyah were outside. Corey went downstairs and both kids were sleeping on the back porch with their pillows, blankets and lots of opened pop cans. When could they have done this? Was it still dark outside because it was early when Corey was woken up. Whose idea was it in the beginning...maybe Ryan and I can just see how Miyah would jump right on broad. I am sure that it would be Miyah's idea about the pop...come on Miyah did we need several can and did you need to open them all?

I thought it was very funny and it was simply because I was not in the middle of it. Once I came downstairs and Corey told what happened I had to laugh. Then I saw the kids and I told them that the next time they were sleeping outside they had better hope that we are on a camping trip...turn the head so they cannot see that I am ready to burst out laughing!!!!

Corey thanks for taking this one so that I could enjoy the story instead!!!!

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