Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kenzie made the team!

Last week Kenzie had tryouts for the competitive soccer league and she was asked to play on their Select A Team. I was NOT expecting this one, I was hoping that we were going to make the Gold D Team. The reason that I say that is because a lot of these girls are very good and I was not sure if Kenzie would be in the same skill level as them. We just finished the spring season two weeks ago and Kenzie’s new team has already had a meeting and we were informed that the girls who have not already taken a Footability Camp it is strongly recommended that they take it. The camp sounds really good until I saw the cost. I wanted to not work the Bronco games this year but it looks like we may need to. Between the registration cost, warm up uniforms and bag, camp and the 2nd tournament, our cost for the season (not the year) are crazy and they keep adding up. On Monday we had to take her to get fitted for her new uniforms, I found out that it also includes two practice uniforms (now I need to keep track of practice uniforms…come on!!) Besides that part of it, I have to say I was SOOOOOOO proud of Mackenzie and her soccer abilities. Her new coach called her after school the day after try outs and offered her a spot on his team, to watch her face and then to talk with him about Mackenzie was most certainly a rockin’ mama moment!!!! The downside is coming true about how the parents get WEIRD, there were 6 girls total from our team that tried out and the other girls were all placed on a great team together. A couple of the families are being very rude to us and they are acting like children, we have really enjoyed these families and their children over the last two and half years. It really hurts my feelings that they would treat us this way instead of being happy that everyone made a team they are acting like children. We are going to Kenzie’s end of the season soccer party tomorrow night so hopefully they have grown up a little.

Well…I just wanted to share our joy in Kenzie’s soccer accomplishments…even if she has shattered the bank (it was already broken, now it is in a million pieces…hahahaha). I hope that everyone has a great day!!


Kenzie Bell said...

Thank you for telling every one about my big news


Anonymous said...

Way to go Kenzie....
hold on for dear life Dee.
Aunt Deb