Saturday, June 28, 2008

Slater's Birthday Party

Today was Slater's birthday party at Cherry Creek Lake. It was a really fun day and the kids had a blast. The weather ended up being perfect and we could not keep the kids out of the water. I enjoyed visiting with Kelly and Tiffany, watching the older kids interact. Meeting Alicia and Breanna's new boyfriends. It just kills me how much Meg and Bre look alike minus the hair color, there are a couple of pictures when they are getting off of the jet skis and their expression is exactly alike. Miyah could not get enough of the sand and would just play and play and play. Ryan loved the water and the sand. Kenzie and Meaghan so enjoyed the water toys...a little scary to watch but they did good. Calya loved collecting the shells and she was able to ride the skis with her Uncle Tracy. My MIL and her husband were there but they left very early so I was unable to talk with them or get any pictures of them. Thank you to Misti and Johnnie for the fun day at the lake. Happy Birthday Slater!!


Anonymous said...

What a cool summer celebration. I love all the pictures, especially the ones of Ryan on the waterline kicking up his legs...adorable.
Aunt Deb

Mom said...

Gotta love the Colorado lakes!! It looks like everyone had a ton of fun! The pictures are wonderful!!
Love you!