Monday, June 16, 2008

You are so funny...NOT!!!!! is a really funny story and maybe you need to be there to get it however, I am going to share it so I do not forget about it. Saturday, Corey had emptied out his excursion to pick up a washing machine from our friends house. He had to remove his third row seat in order for it to fit, he laid it in the drive way and called me outside so I could make sure no one took it. We do not live in a bad neighborhood but...OK. I went right over to the seats and laid down because I was tired, remember we had a sleep over the night before and just spent 5 hours at the pool. I told Corey that I would lay there until he got home...I am sure that the some people would call this a white trash nap...they know who they are if they are reading this!!! I even went inside to get my book and Kenzie, she is now a part of this scheme. I got this bright idea that if Corey was so concerned about someone taking his seat I would push it towards the street and put a "FREE...Take Me" sign on it. Meaghan was with him so we tired to call her so she could let us know when they were almost home because we really did not want someone to take it. We had taken the phone outside because she did not answer and I tried to get her a couple of times, I then laid the phone on my van by the windshield wipers so it would not fall. Kenzie and I decided that we would go ahead and put the sign on the seat and just wait. All of a sudden Corey turned the corner and saw his seat...of course....I thought that it was the funniest thing that I have done in a while and "I" was laughing so hard!! Corey did not think it was as funny as we did.

Later that evening I went to call my sister and could not find the phone. When I had woke up on Sunday it dawned on me that the phone was never brought back into the house. Well, I had gone to the gas station and Corey had taken Meaghan to the movies in the van later Saturday night. We drove our routes to the gas station and the movie, we were unable to find the phone. So guess what Corey got for Father's Day...a new cordless phone!!! Happy Father's Day rock!! We needed a new phone anyway but I NEVER write down phone numbers because they are on the caller ID, so I have lost phone numbers which one of them was a very important number on a house that we have been looking at!!!

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Mom said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....white trash nap....hahahahahahahahahayou are so funny daughter!!!Crazy kid!!
Love you!