Sunday, May 25, 2008

Soccer Tournaments!

We had fun at the Stenger Invitational Tournament this weekend. For the Barker family our games ended today since we only won one game. Secretly, I am a little happy because we can relax tomorrow before Corey and the girls go back to work and school on Tuesday. Kenzie's team just had a hard time from the beginning, they were teamed up with one team from a Option 1 team in the Springs. Very different level from us and you can see from the size of the girls in the picture above. They were running all over us, our kids were getting hurt and I was getting MAD. These girls from the Springs had TERRIBLE sportsmanship...they would knock our girls over (to be expected...Kenzie was told to get more physical and TAKE that ball) and then sit there and laugh because someone was hurt. I finally had enough and started lecturing (very loudly) at them like a "normal" mom would do to stop laughing. I even started yelling at the Ref that they did not have good sportsmanship, he even acknowledged that it was true but did nothing! I am not sure if I will be OK if Kenzie makes a competitive team next season. CRAZY!!!! Look at the picture above and you can see how big some of the girls were. Kenzie had to guard this tall girl just to the left of the picture (number 6). It sucks when you hear your daughter hit the ground because this girl just knocked her down, Kenzie is tough and would get right back up.
Kelly and Tracy came out for the day and watched the games and then we came back here and had dinner last night. Today we had more games which ended with Cayla getting a medal and Kenzie's team going home not very happy. Last year was much better for their team because they took 1st place. We were able to experience what it felt like for the other teams over the last two seasons when our girls would just go in there and take over the game...not fun!
Kenzie did have a special visitor to help her in between games and watched her play. The young lady in the second picture from the top is Corey's boss's daughter who plays on the Select team for The Edge and also plays on the ODP team (Olympic Developmental Program). Kenzie asked her if she could help get her ready for tryouts next week. Kenzie was the one that sought out the help and Corey agreed to ask his boss. Ali has been very helpful and has taken time out of her schedule to play with Kenzie. One night last week Kenzie went to the end of her practice and Ali had a set up a scrimmage of 2 v 2, so she could see how she did. Kenzie had fun but said that she was unable to keep up with them running. We are going to try to watch one of the four games that she is playing in tomorrow. I am excited to watch her because watching the way she handled that ball I am sure that it will be an exciting game. THANKS Ali for ALL your help!!!
I hope that everyone has a GREAT safe!!!!

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