Thursday, May 15, 2008

Way to sacrifice your body Kenzie!!!

Kenzie has always been a player that will sacrifice her body if it means that she can win a game. A couple of weekends ago Kenzie was blocking a ball that went right into her stomach, she lifted up her leg and the ball bounced off of her leg. The amazing thing was that the ball went into the goal...I know hard to believe but it happened! This mother went crazy and was yelling and jumping around. Then I saw Kenzie go to the ground because it took her breathe away, her coach was on the field helping her and Kenz said that he kept asking her if she realized that she just scored. After the game she showed me her leg and the coach came over and laughed because it was the imprint of the ball. He told me to take a picture of it and post it to our team page. I had to share it because that imprint stayed on her leg for 3 days. I just cannot image how hard it must of hit her stomach.


Grandma said...

Ouch!! Kenzies first tattoo!!

Kenzie Bell said...

Thanks for leting me play in thetounament