Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ryan Graduated!!!

Yesterday, Ryan graduated from his 1st year of Preschool. I did not realize that they would have a cermony for the kids that still had another year but they did and it was very nice. Ryan is in the afternoon class and he needed to be at school for the morning class. They feed him breakfast (notice the milk mustache) and then started the graduation. They walked out of the school in pairs and then did a dance for the parents which of course was so cute. I was so surprised because Ryan took the lead in the dance and I thought that the way Ryan was swinging his partner they were going to end up in the parking lot. I have included the video but I had the wrong camera so there is no noise and I turned the camera sideways, not thinking that the picture would be that way also. Sorry if you neck hurts but it was to cute not to include.

They had assigned seats and then handed out certificates. After the cermony we went to a park for a BBQ, it was very nice and the kids had a great time. There was lots of food, three pinates and the kids could make t-shirts. Peanut and her babies came so we had a nice time spending some sister time together.

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