Saturday, September 20, 2008

Homecoming 2008

Tonight was Meaghan's first homecoming dance as a freshman. She went to the dance with several girls from her volleyball team. They went to the most popular McDonald's for dinner...hopefully they were able to get in because they did not make reservation...hahahaha!!! The girls had a very busy day with an all day volleyball tournament that had us out the door before the sun was actually in the sky, Meaghan and I were able to watch it rise this morning. The tournament did not turn out so well, no hard feelings because this only meant that the girls could get home and ready for the dance. I wonder, how hard they really tried. Megi, than come home and took a much needed shower and we headed over to Tiffany's with her makeup and dress. Tiffany made my beautiful princess into a beautiful lady...thank you for taking such good care of her. She was very excited to know that she was wearing her great grandma's bracelet. One of my highlights was that I was able to see Trevor, Saige (all their friends...what a group of kids), Breanna and Alicia. I just wish that I could have seen Ali's dress. I hope that everyone had a great time and lots of good memories were made.

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