Monday, September 29, 2008

A little bit of our week....

Kenzie, FINALLY got her warm ups and new bag, the girls now completely match when they are heading to the field, on the field and leaving the field. They even warm up for a game in a matching t-shirt and right before the game starts the remove the t-shirt and have their uniform on. The warm ups and bag are actually really nice quality and all three pieces have her number on them~good thing considering how much they cost! You can see just from the look on her face that she LOVES them!!!

Well, I decided that we needed to start somewhere in recycling. We bought reusable bags a few months ago ~ this was after that terrible email about how the plasitic bags are causing so much damage to our plant and animals. Corey purchased the bags a few days later. Now if I can always remember to take them into the store, they are in my van but sometimes I forget. When I do forgot I just request paper bags. I just cringe everytime I throw something away that can be recycled. My excuse would be that we are not prepared to recycle (the plastic tubs), well why not start by using the paper bags that I get from the store? The white trash can already holds our pop cans, I have been doing this for a while since I have an addiction to Diet Coke. At Ryan's school that even have the big dumpsters for excuse that the items will just clutter up the house.

Funny thing...when Ryan came into the kitchen and was looking at the bags on the floor he asked where his lunch bag was?!?!?! It was very funny

Lesson learned...Never ask your older children to put the baby in the car!!! Hello...we have a car seat!!!!! Too cute not to share Marcel's picture.

I hope that everyone is doing well!!

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Mom said...

Hi Daughter!
Nice pics! Kenzie looks so cute in her warm ups! Do they get a new pair each season? Love that you are recycling...I think it is just a matter of creating a habit of it...then it's second nature! Marcel is starting to grow...such a cutie boy.
Love you