Monday, April 14, 2008

Megi's off to see Washington D.C.

This morning Meg left for Washington D.C. with her school. She was very excited and was looking forward to spending the week seeing historicial sites and now possibly seeing the Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Washington. The president will be hosting a visit at the White House on Wednesday morning on the south lawn and they are expecting about 12,000 people to be there. Meg said that they are going to TRY to witness the visit. Lots of places that they will be seeing and just taking in where they are and hopfully really thinking about where they are and the history that has taken place there. I am so excited for her and glad that we were able to send her. Last year she was able to go to New York City for 6 days with her school and she had a wonderful time. I just wish that Corey or I would have been able to afford for one of us to go with her but we know that she is in safe hands and we are grateful for the wonderful teachers and parents that are able to go with her.
Please keep Meg in your thoughts and prayers this week for a safe flight, trip and fun time!! When we were at the airport they were making announcements that the security levels have been raised to orange and that extra precautions are being taken. Everyone that knows me will understand how I feel about flying so I am on edge!!!!!! I have been tracking her flight on now you know how freaky I am!!!!!
Have fun daughter and I will see you on Saturday night!!! I love you and be safe!!

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