Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Flag Football, Soccer, Belly Button Rings and Cheesecake!!!

What a weekend we had...flag football, soccer, bellybutton rings and cheesecake!!!

We had the pleasure of being able to watch Seth play flag football and had a great time. I am at such awe to see how tall he has become and to think that he is also going to be 14 years old in July. I remember the day he was born and I was so excited because Meaghan and Seth were only 3 months apart. It makes me a little sad because I always thought that our families would do more things together and our kids would be close together. When you have a family that is outgoing and another family that would prefer to do things by themselves, I quess there is not alot of room for adjustments. We do enjoy spending time them and always leave thinking we should do this more often. Anyway we enjoyed watching a good game of flag football. Ryan and Miyah thought that they would play their own game of ball and were having a fun time throwing the ball around for a few minutes anyway.

We are now in the full swing of soccer games and everyone has a couple of games under their belts. I think that I have said this before but I always look forward to soccer and volleball season to start and then I am so happy to see it end. With 3 kids now playing soccer we have a full calendar everyday except on Fridays. This year we actually have games on Sunday and they are not makeup games. Meaghan had been taking volleyball clinics but that has since ended so she is a little bored again.

Speaking of Megi we also had family over on Saturday night for cheesecake and cupcakes to celebrate her 14th birthday. We had a nice time just sitting around talking to everyone. For Meg's birthday present we let her get her belly button pierced. She has been asking for this to be done for 4 or 5 years now so, we decided that she could have this done. Believe me with approval to have this done came a list a mile long on how she was to act and not draw attention to herself or her belly. I am sure that some people will have an opinion on a 14 year old having her belly pierced but I figured that she can cover it up and he is not piercing her face. I would though, be ok with a tiny nose ring but she did not seem interested in that. As long as she is not piercing herself with "gage" rings...I think that is what they are called...I will be pretty flexable. She has great grades and is pretty respectable with Corey and I so, we will loosen that rope just a little. She really does look cute with her belly ring. I will need to take a picture and add it here. I will try to do that tomorrow.

I hope that everyone has a great day and if you are here in Colorado enjoy the snow!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi DeAnne - here one of your biggest fans of your blog..someday I will get one too!!! Of course posting pictures of my kids is a bonus! :)

Just so you know Seth caught an interception and make a touchdown at Sunday's game! YEAH for Seth.

We will come see the kids' soccer games soon too!

LOVE ya all - we are so lucky to have a great family!