Sunday, April 20, 2008

Megi's Home!!!!

I am so happy to have my daughter home!! She was very tired and wanted to sleep in her own bed. She said that the most interesting thing that she saw was the Holocaust Memorial Museum. She said that she left there just feeling sick to her stomach that such awful things could happen to innocent people and the children stuck in her mind the most. She said that it was boring but from a mom's point of view she sure did learn a lot of things. Every now and then she will say "Oh that was neat" so I think she had a nice time. She took lots of pictures and brought home lots of brochures so that I can scrap her trip. She brought gifts for her sisters and brother from different places that she went to. I was joking with her and asked her where my gift was and she said that she brought home pictures, brochures, stubs and airline ticket. Now is that not the daughter of a scrapper...she knew what would touch my heart!!!!

Of course, the most important thing to do when she got into Denver was check her text messages. She did not have service in Washington so she was going through withdrawals!! You have to love teenagers!! I will post more pictures of her trip later.

I am so happy that you are home daughter!

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