Wednesday, December 24, 2008

6 weeks already?????

I cannot believe that 6 weeks have already gone by and it is time for Mackenzie to have her cast taken off. On the 22nd, Kenzie went back to Dr. Redal and he removed her cast. Kenzie knew that there was the possibility that she would need to have her arm recasted but everything worked out in her favor. She is so happy to have it off, but really surprised how weak her arm is. I think that the weirdest thing is the arm that was casted now has black hair growing on it. I told her that is just proof that she is a Mexican. Now she is working on building up the strength back, when they took off the cast her wrist bent all the way down and her hand touch her was a little gross. Kenzie was a trooper, never complained about the cast expect right before they replaced the first one because her hand hurt.

Of course I had to take my camera to end this series of photos and wouldn't you know that my batteries died!!! I still was able to take some great pictures.

I love you Kenzie Annie Anne!!!!!!!


Aunt Deb said...

Nice wrap up for the series Dee. Love her sweet little face. Glad she got the cast off for Christmas.
Sending Love
Aunt Deb.

DeAnne said...

HEHEHEHE...she was SOOOO excited when I told her that I had made her appointment for the first day of vacation. Right after her appointment it was straight home and in the shower...bag free of course!!!

Love you,

Donna Elbourn said...

I made a slide show but didn't know what to do with it.
How cute of Meag's card!